One comment on “Buffalo’s Billionaires – hailed as “philanthropists” – profit at the public’s expense.

  1. Because I’m slow-witted, it took me a long time to understand what a “tax break” or a “tax credit” is. It’s a tax increase by another name. Say Buffalo needs $1 billion a year to run. Give a fifty million dollar tax break to Jerry Jacobs, titan of racinos and stadium nachos. That means that the $50 million dollars will need to come from somewhere else–from individual and other corporate taxpayers.

    Why can’t modern capitalists do their own thieving, like they did in the olden days? Why do they need to buy politicians to help do it for them? Admittedly, from a Jacobs-and-Pegula point of view, it’s a damned good investment: Jerry and Terry can compress one nostril with a single finger and blow out a $50,000 or a $67,000 contribution to Governor Andy.

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