3 comments on “Sham, Spurious and Sundry Unspeakables in one Jurist’s Courtroom

  1. I think the objection to a well known and constantly used ford is hilarious.

    I have had to do research on Government Regulations and records and I think it was 30 years ago most Government Agencies received regulations 20 and 30 pages ago urging top efforts to simplify any language in reports, document and especially letters.

    As much as I dislike him I saw Clarence Thomas explain in a lecture that he tried to make his opinions so readable that the average American could read and understand the opinion if he read it as they hd breakfast.

    But then it sounds like the Judge felt compulsion to bully you over that point. When I negotiated with matters of any type and my adversary indulged in turning minor point like that into a time consuming nothing soup I would ask “they are paying you for this?”

    • Of course, in a perfect world, a lawyer in a court proceeding is not “negotiating” with the judge, and the judge is not the “adversary” but an impartial decision-maker. That being said, in an earlier proceeding in this case, I told the judge that I felt, at times, that my clients were faced by three sets of attorneys, the city’s, the developer’s, and the court itself.

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