3 comments on “Reasons to remember February 26, 1919

  1. Thanks Art, a beautiful story well told.
    My sister Peggy sent me the link.
    In so many ways, your Dad reminds me of my adoptive father, Don Greenfield.
    From serving in the Army in the Phillipines and New Guinea to the early morning wake ups so I could do homework procrastinated to the due date. I’d post a note on the bathroom mirror which was my only alarm clock.
    That incredible work ethic must have been instilled in that first/Greatest generation of Americans, by their immigrant parents who knew that hard work was a small price to pay to become an American.
    Thanks again for so ably giving voice to that rapidly disappearing generation.

  2. What a beautiful family! And this 100th anniversary birthday tribute–such a good way to keep them alive to your children and to all of us who will never meet them. Well done Art. I feel like I know you and the Giacalone family a little better. Here is to Arthur P. and Connie Giacalone who worked hard, danced, and raised some pretty great kids!

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