4 comments on “Devolution by design – Elmwood’s tattered urban fabric

    • Dear __________, Is there a reason that you’re hiding behind your anonymity? If you’d like to identify yourself, explain your comment, “Art……what a bunch of crap you and your followers have spewed…….boooo hoooo……“, and engage in an actual conversation regarding my posts concerning Chason Affinity’s approach to Elmwood/Forest, please get in touch. With All Due Respect, AJG

  1. Art…..you only deserve respect if you are arguing truths. You haven’t told many as of now……

    • What is it like to not only lack the courage to identify yourself when you express an opinion, but also to lack the courage of your conviction when you claim someone else has not been telling “the truth”? identify yourself, tell me what I have expressed that you believe is not true, provide facts to support your view, and I will either correct my prior statement, or explain why I believe you are incorrect.

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