2 comments on “The “Heart of SEQRA” – the Environmental Impact Statement – at the verge of extinction

  1. I still think the subject of the entire Buffalo River Basin and outer harbor should be subject to a full SEQRA process.Its not unheard to to conduct After the Fact EIS’s that were conducted on wester River Dams a few times.

    But the ultimate insult to any pretense of using the short and long term Public Interest was to allow the Queens Landing Development to even begin without SEQRA.

    For five decades New York State has been supposedly using LWRP’s to ensure proper reuse of our waterfronts.

    Coastal Zone Management was supposed to add another scientific layer to the protection to ensure the restored waterways revitalization principally water related work replaced the industrial sites that are more properly located away from waterways and if not mitigation could compensate.

    It is arrogant and cynical refusal to refuse the lessons of the past and allow private development that denies access to waterways whose clean up was financed by the very tax payers who again see private profit edging them into whatever is left over.

    The current administration is doing its best to destroy the water quality of the Great Lakes and if my guess is correct a hot summer or two may change their indifference, But in time they will be discarded and restoration efforts resumed. In the meantime thorough reviews and honest EIS’s are our only protection.

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