3 comments on “Buffalo’s Zoning Administrator acts like the Facilitator-in-Chief

  1. Perhaps in tangent yet relevant, if you’ve not already seen, here is reference to a news report per the* Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government*.

    Thought that you might relate:

    ” *But what started as a simple public records request *

    *has instead turned into an example * *of how the Brown administration*

    * defies New York State law * *when it comes to providing information to the public*”



    On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 3:01 PM With All Due Respect wrote:

    > Arthur J. Giacalone posted: “Buffalo’s Division of Planning & Zoning is > part of “The Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning” – that’s Mayor Byron > Brown, of course. The OSP is headed by Brendan R. Mehaffy. And, the head > of the Planning Division is its Director of Planning, Nadine ” >

  2. This is a terrible assessment and quite wide of the mark. Marrero has done a magnificent job, full stop. She has taken the office of OSP to another level and has reinvigorated the development of the City of Buffalo. Having first hand knowledge, she has applied and abided by the SEQRA determinations and has followed proper protocol in all cases. Your ‘hit piece’ serves an example of how people will be unsatisfied no matter how things transpire and how you as an individual is utterly lonely and ruinous. Quit proclaiming overt acts of heroism and proclamation of ‘self love’ above rational understanding, Art Giacalone, with all due respect.

    • Jake, We are seeing Ms. Marrero’s actions through different filters. I never suggested that she hasn’t accomplished a lot, I just disagree with her approach to functioning as head of the City’s planning office, and as zoning administrator. My 30-plus years of practicing zoning and SEQRA law tells me that she falls far short of the letter and spirit of the land use regulations, and that she does not value informed input from the public. Please let me know if any of the facts set forth in my post (rather than my opinion on her actions) are incorrect, Thanks. AJG

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