4 comments on “Clouds encircle Niagara Square one day later

  1. Thank you again, Art. Your blogs are always welcome and enlightening. Congratulations on dredging up some hope. It’s easy to see our direction becoming bleaker and bleaker. I guess I was young enough to mostly ignore the riots of the 60s, although I am a bit ashamed. My slightly younger peers were out there putting their lives in peril. My excuse is that I was a member of the siient generation. We were taught to behave, No excuse, and the guilt is catching up with me. It’s all heartbreaking, and I’m glad the clouds continue to inspire hope for you.

    Janet Goodsell RTSB, School 89

  2. Dear Art, Thank you your pictures. A beautiful sky in a troubled Buffalo and elsewhere. May we all be a little kinder to all people that cross our path.
    I loved your Chautauqua pictures and story. My family went there every year and rented a cabin at Irwin Bay Cottages as my father and brother fished the lake for bass and musky. I have wonderful memories of the beautiful Chautauqua area. Thank you for your blog!

  3. Hi Art,
    thanks for all your blog posts, I enjoy looking and reading them.
    Kathy Ryan

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