2 comments on “Kelly Vacco and Joe Lorigo: Making the most of family ties

  1. Good information I had no idea that this particular tomfoolery was occurring in our state government but I really wasn’t surprised. After reading your blog I phoned my assemblyman Mike Norris and Senator Rob Ortt to voice my opposition to this arrangement and requested that action be taken to remedy this I also threw in there I would like to see all elected officials be limited to one term of four or six years no more than six for any elected official in the United States and the state of New York

    • I stumbled upon this blog. Art is a straight shooter and is accurate on his thoughts. Ortt and Norris are not going to do jack about this system. Their friends and political supporters have benefitted from this system. It is sad and pathetic. Not the best and the brightest, but the average and the politically connected. I will not be surprised if Norris doesn’t become a judge someday in this corrupt system.

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