2 comments on “How “Green” is the Buffalo Green Code?

  1. You can also let them know what parts of the proposed code are good and worthy. There is much to like about this code. If it is not watered down by the NIMBY process it will be a powerful tool in the effort to reverse the damage done by sprawl oriented codes and development concepts.

  2. Mr. Steele seems to be unaware of the purpose for the public hearing on the DGEIS. It is to comment on the adequacy of the environmental review, to direct the lead agency’s attention to environmental issues that have not been fully addressed in the DGEIS. It is not intended as a platform to simply praise or condemn the Green Code.
    Yes, there is a lot to like about the proposed land use code. And those positives can be accomplished without adversely impacting existing neighborhoods.
    Suggesting that anyone who expresses concerns about the Green Code is a NIMBY [Not In My Back Yard] is incredibly closed-minded and selfish. SEQRA – the law that required preparation of the DGEIS – specifically includes in its definition of “environment” the “existing community or neighborhood character” and “existing patterns of population concentration, distribution or growth.” An important purpose of SEQRA and zoning laws is to protect current residents from potentially adverse impacts resulting from changes in their neighborhoods. It is the right of residents and property owners to point out whether or not the DGEIS is objectively and meaningfully assessing the likelihood of adverse impacts on these – or any other – aspect of the natural and man-made environment.

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