4 comments on “Planning Board’s approval of 23-story tower disregards the Common Council’s policies and goals for Buffalo’s waterfront

  1. Art Giacalone, you are a complete idiot. Go away and leave Buffalo please. You’re not wanted here.

  2. Art’s impressive legal knowlege and experience are wanted and highly respected by many thousands in our community. The trolling idiocracy represented by Randall’s ad hominem attack helps to drag our region into the dumpster. Many of us want thorough, thoughtful, substantive discussions about our Outer Harbor and our development strategies. This will help to ensure a vibrant future for everyone. Future generations rely on our best decisions. Private property or not, this development effects our community and when public money and resources are required it would seem prudent to have discussions and decisions that reflect on legal process, and the capacity of a project to do no harm to the long term interests of the community in favor of the short term interests of a few. Art represents one of the best characteristics of a public citizen. Concern, knowledge, and articulation of process in ways that few bring to the table. thanks Art. Randall, if you can articulate your concerns and issues a better project may evolve, but given the tenor of your comment, that may be a heavy lift for you. thankfully, and thanks especially to Giacalone, this community can make and does make that heavy lift.

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